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Informatie over tripsta

The online ticket agency Tripsta SA was founded 2005 in Athens, Greece under the first brand name travelplanet24 and renamed as Tripsta SA in 2010 as a result of the European expansion. In 2018, Tripsta SA got into financial difficulties and was no longer able to issue Flightickets from June of the same year, because open bills of more than 70 million euros were not paid to IATA.

As a result of the liquidation of Tripsta SA, the subsidiary airtickets.gr was converted into a metasearch engine, the further subsidiary travelplanet24 has since been restricted to the sale of ferry tickets, hotel and rental car offers.

tripsta - populaire vluchten

met: Air France (AF8428, AF8395), TUI Airlines Nederland (OR365, OR367, OR361, OR375), KLM (KL789, KL733)
met: Air France (AF8281, AF8231, AF8232), KLM (KL765, KL767, KL769), TUI Airlines Nederland (OR365, OR367)
met: Winair (WM806), TUI Airlines Nederland (OR365, OR366, OR367, OR368), Insel Air (7I407, 7I305), Aruba Airlines (AG507)
met: KLM (KL1673, KL1669, KL1665), Jet Airways (India) (9W8898, 9W8600), Delta Air Lines (DL7508, DL9603), Xiamen Airlines (MF9705)
met: British Airways (BA439, BA435, BA423, BA443, BA429, BA441, BA431), Japan Airlines (JL7102)
met: TUI Airlines Nederland (OR366, OR368, OR376), Air France (AF8428, AF8392), KLM (KL736, KL789, KL734)
met: Air France (AF8428), KLM (KL789)
met: TUI Airlines Nederland (OR366, OR367, OR368, OR365), Winair (WM805), Insel Air (7I407, 7I304, 7I306)
met: Winair (WM805), Insel Air (7I511, 7I2511, 7I2513)
met: Winair (WM806), Air France (AF8428), KLM (KL789), Insel Air (7I512, 7I2514, 7I2512)
met: Air Arabia Maroc (3O114, 3O192), Royal Air Maroc (AT677, AT691, AT683)
met: Air France (AF8281, AF8231, AF8232), KLM (KL765, KL767, KL769), TUI Airlines Nederland (OR366, OR368)
met: Winair (WM435, WM401, WM441, WM511, WM535), Air France (AF3278), KLM (KL9150, KL9151)